Avoiding Sickness On Kilimanjaro

Avoiding Sickness On Kilimanjaro

Avoiding Sickness On Kilimanjaro



Avoiding Sickness On Kilimanjaro


One of the reasons why people fail to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is because of heights sickness.  It is easy to think that this problem cannot affect you because you don’t fear heights. The heights sickness problem is common due to rapid changes in the environment during the safari in term of altitudes and temperatures. Imagine today, you are at 2000 meters above sea level with good temperatures and then tomorrow you find yourself at 3500 meters above sea level. If you don’t adapt easily to those changes, you can feel altitude sickness. The good news is that this sickness can be avoided by doing one of the following:


You must be ready for the mount climbing challenge. Part of this preparation is to know the itinerary. Spend some time to read through the itinerary to understand the route you are going to use. There are about 6 climbing routes-Machame Route, Marangu Route, Lemosho Route, Rongai Route, Umbwe Route and the Northern circuit route. All these routes offer different challenges. You must read about each of them to know the acclimatization. There are routes which are good for novice climbers because they offer the ability to reach the summit without a lot of challenges however for the experienced mount climbers, there are specific routes for you. In essence, it is better to know the route you are going to use to understand the challenges involved during such a route so that you prepare in advance.


There are drugs which you can take to prevent or reduce the altitude problems however to be effective through this process, you must take these drugs 7 days prior to your climbing challenge. If you want to know more about this kind of remedy, it is better to consult pharmacists; I believe they are the best people to give you the best advice. The world is better today because most of the human problems can easily be avoided and treated. Although many people don’t think of altitude sickness as a major sickness; it is success threat to reach the summit; there is no way you are going to reach the summit when you face altitude sickness. Make sure that you take altitude sickness during before coming to Tanzania to increase on the chances of not being affected by altitudes.


In many cases, you may not even need to take drugs however with the right preparations; you can easily avoid altitude sickness. One of the factors you should consider is choosing a route according to your experience. There are routes that don’t have a lot of acclimatization which can be the perfect route for your climbing. If you are just starting this activity of Mount climbing, consider simple routes.


Fitness can be part of the strategy to help you with avoiding altitude sickness, try to be fit by doing some simple exercises before coming to Tanzania. What you do shall prepare you for all sorts of challenges that you might encounter during your climbing endeavor.

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