About Kilimanjaro Bound

About Kilimanjaro Bound
Experience The Wild Wonders Of Tanzania

About Kilimanjaro Bound

Kilimanjaro Bound has been providing amazing experiences for our clients since 2012. We are based in Moshi in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania and are passionate about allowing others to experience the wonders of Tanzania.

You can join us as we take you one the experience of a lifetime to the peak of Kilimanjaro on one of our expeditions to Uhuru Peak or become one with nature when you visit the National Parks of Tanzania on a Safari that will take your breath away as you witness wild nature in its natural environment.

For our clients who are only with us for a few days, we will still be able to show you the beauty of Tanzania with one of our short tours. Our team are always available to help you decide what is best for you depending on what you want to experience and the time you have available.

So, if you are Kilimanjaro Bound then contact us today and we can discuss your requirements with you directly or complete our online form and we will be in touch soon.   

Who Are Kilimanjaro Bound


Kilimanjaro Bound want to be the best local tour operator when it comes to our clients having the time of their lives Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and seeing the beauty of Tanzania. We pride ourselves on offering a personal experience like no other operator. We aim to show you the wild beauty of Africa that you will never have believed and to be the one stop shop for all your travelling needs starting from airline tickets, hotels, luxury resorts, cruises, trains to car rentals.

Our mission is to guarantee the maximum value and service for every one of your travel dollars.


Our vision and goal is to be the best Kilimanjaro and safari tour operator in Tanzania by educating our clients about the Tanzanian people, the beauty of our country and the amazing wildlife conservation that is essential to ensuring that people from all over the world will continue to experience the wild of Africa forever.

We deliver a unique, inspiring and incredible experience of the regions of Tanzania. Our clients and customers leave us with wonderful memories of beautiful Tanzania that they will remember and cherish for the rest of their lives.


  • Listen carefully to our clients and give them the best experience we can.
  • Create meaningful experiences that will last forever.
  • Transparent about what we do and the services we provide.
  • A genuine team whose goal is to ensure that our clients experience a life changing trip.
  • Take care of our region and workers to ensure Tanzania and Mount Kilimanjaro can be enjoyed by everyone, now and in the future.


Kilimanjaro bound are a leading travel company that has been organising and operating safaris, trekking, mountaineering, day excursions and beach vacations since 2012. We are based in Moshi, in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro. We love our country and take great pleasure in showing the beauty of our lands to visitors who want to create amazing memories that will last forever.

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More About Kilimanjaro Bound

KILIMANJARO BOUND LIMITED was  created by Samson Lauwo and registered in 2012 as a company and since then Kilimanjaro Bound has been providing the best customer service, experiences and care while trekking Mount Kilimanjaro or on Safari.

The company is fully supported by the local people of Moshi, Tanzania and all employee’s are local and have worked with Kilimanjaro Bound for many years.

All our porters are treated fairly and ethically and we ensure that all our crews are treated well and have fare wages, the money that they earn from their climb remains in the local communities.

Let Us Do The Hard Work

All of our guides are fully trained first aider’s and are very experienced on the Mountain Climbing and trekking. They are there to make sure that you feel you can accomplish your dreams and working together as a team we are always ready to help each other or our clients and travelers by any means when needed.

The hassle of planning a trip doesn’t end at just deciding where you want to go and the budgeting but also booking flights, transportation and cars etc. Kilimanjaro Bound will do it all for you.

We want you to experience the best of what Tanzania has to offer and we do our best to make sure that your investment in your trip to Tanzania gives you everything you dreamed of. 

Kilimanjaro Bound is focused on our customers, clients and our corporate responsibility. We share a large portion of our income within local community development, especially on education, employment and infrastructure. This means that we help to rise the standard of living for our local people to the next level.

Mount Kilimanjaro and The Lauwo Family

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro with a family that has been doing it for over 140 years.

Kilimanjaro Bound has its own unique story and personal connection to the Mountain that can be traced to the first person to take travelers to Uhuru Peak.

Yohani Kinyala Lauwo was only eighteen years old when he led Hans Meyer and Ludwig Purtscheller to the highest point of Africa on October 5th, 1889. His selection by the Mangi (Chagga chief) to be Hans Meyer’s guide was accidental, but it forever changed his life. Kinyala (as he was called) was born and lived his entire life in the village of Marangu, nestled on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Before Europeans came to East Africa, many of the Lauwo clan of the Chagga tribe hunted the forest elephants for ivory and sold it to the Swahili traders from the coast. The forest also supplied them with honey, timber, medicine and Colobus monkey hides.

By the time Hans Meyer arrived in Chaggaland, Kinyala Lauwo was a tall teenager who knew the forest like the back of his hand. By then, colonialism had started in Kinyala’s homeland and young men were being forced to construct roads. Kinyala tried to dodge the ‘draft’, but was caught. As a result, he was summoned for trial at Mangi Marealli’s palace. Coincidentally, Hans Meyer had just arrived at the palace asking for permission to climb the mountain and guides and porters. The Mangi’s wachili (advisors) spotted Kinyala, knew that he was of the Lauwo clan, and asked him to guide the expedition.

The event led Kinyala (later called Mzee Lauwo) to guide Mt. Kilimanjaro climbs for more than seventy years! For his first  climb, he was only wrapped in blankets. Over the years, he obtained appropriate clothing and hiking gear. When Mzee Lauwo turned one-hundred years old, the Tanzania National Parks gave him a beautiful, modern style house painted in light purple and pink pastels. Here he lived with his two wives until his death on May 10th, 1998, after a grand life of a one-hundred twenty-five years!

You can read more about the first climber of Kilimanjaro by visiting Lonely Planet’s page about Yohani Kinyala Lauwo.

Mzee Lauwo was Samson Lauwo’s Grandfather and now you see no one has been climbing this mountain longer than the Lauwo’s. 

It would be incredibly proud to have the opportunity to show you our beautiful country and help you organizing your Tanzanian Vacation, Safari or to take on Mount Kilimanjaro.

About Samson Lauwo and Kilimanjaro Bound

None of your journey to this land of wilds can be more spectacular without Kilimanjaro Bound where Safari and Mountaineering are perfectly engineered.

Samson Godson Lauwo, the owner of Kilimanjaro Bound holds the office of the Director and personally remains accountable to all the customers visiting Tanzania with Kilimanjaro Bound. When he started he was a porter but after years of hard work and dedication he took on the challenge and became the director of the company.

His long experience started from ordinary porter to becoming the assistant guide to the Chief and then the full routes guide.  This means that Samson is one of the most experienced guides that Tanzania has, both with regards to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and Tanzanian Safaris.

Samson holds a great career record of climbing to the summit of  Kilimanjaro with groups in excess of 200 times (this was by 2017). He is best known for upholding the highest levels of quality, variety, flexibility and value. This makes Samson Lauwo and Kilimanjaro Bound the 1st choice when people think of taking on the challenge of Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Samson Lauwo’s Story

Samson Lauwo, the co-founder and the Owner of Kilimanjaro Bound Limited based in Moshi, was born and brought up in Marangu Village at the foot hills base of Mount Kilimanjaro about 5 km from the main entrance of Marangu gate and about 40 km from Moshi Town. He always felt that he was born to conquer the second highest mountain in the world, Mount Kilimanjaro.

He completed his first climb of Kilimanjaro soon after he finished his secondary education at the age of 17 as an ordinary porter via Rongai route which took 6 days to reach the summit.

It still makes his heart fill with pride when he recollects the challenges of that first climb. He was inexperienced and the incorrect climbing equipment to take on the challenge, this made the entire climb incredibly painful. There were not enough tents for the crews and this compelled him to spend the windy and rainy nights in any nearby caves, although that was prohibited.

Hard Times and Hard Climbs

With not enough food and no shelter, it was rained for the entire way. Still he remembers the song that warmed him up “Kilimanjaro in Chagga thus KILEMA KYARO” which means impossible safari. The higher altitude also brought him more challenging days and discomfort.

But as he made more attempts and summits he became used to accompanying the various groups and learned everything he could about all the climbing routes, the correct equipment, how to fix the gear needed like tents for camping and how to make sure everyone was cared for to make sure they had the best experience possible.

As the ordinary porter he was only to get the base camp. But in 2001 he made his first attempt as a summit porter and succeeded in reaching the summit, Uhuru Peak. This made the next levels easier for him. He did not look back. In 2002, he was promoted to Assistant Guide, where he started getting more mountain experience and knowledge on guiding rules and rescuing people. The year 2003 gave him the recognition as a Chief Full Routes Guide.

And to his credit, till now he has led 200 groups successfully to the summit. The years of experience that he underwent from ordinary porter to the chief guide has made him one of the most popular guides with a well earned reputation as one of the most experience climbers of Kilimanjaro ever.

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“Fantastic experience! Really well looked after by our porters and our guides Leonard and Aggrey.”


K Kelly

“On summit day, our guides ended up carrying our day bags and motivated us, to make sure we would make it. Can only recommend these guys!”


Annika Reeh

“Leonard and Aggrey were so knowledgable about everything, that they even made the walking feel easy!! It’s definitely safe to say I would have never reached the summit without the help of my team, I would recommend these guys to anyone, every day of the week.”


Jess A

“Aggrey & William are real professionals and heroes in guiding us to the top.”


Angela Soenarijo

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